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September 9, 2018
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September 9, 2018

Tim Tim says “Write ‘Bout This…Talk ‘Bout Dat’”!…..

Storyteller Paul Keens-Douglas

The Annual Tim Tim Storytelling show will take place at the National Academy for the Performing Arts on Saturday, September 15 and Sunday 16.

Entitled Write ‘Bout This…Talk ‘Bout Dat’”!….. An Evening with Paul Keens-Douglas”, the show will highlight the latest works of Paul Keens-Douglas and other featured artistes, as they continue to promote and preserve the value and art of storytelling in its traditional forms. You can look forward to an evening of fun, humour, poetry, social commentary and storytelling at its best.

Paul has been an integral part of the Trinidad & Tobago and Caribbean literary and theatrical landscape for the past 42 years, creating his own niche, and producing an outstanding body of work.

Every year on this show, he focuses on recreating those magic moments of yesteryear, when we used to tell stories, talk to each other, and just enjoy each other’s company. It was in this telling and talking and listening that were the beginnings of the understanding.

It is also an opportunity for Paul to do work that is not in our educational system, no longer heard in our media, ignored by our academics and being slowly lost to this new generation.

Every show features special guests and this year is no different, as Paul will be sharing the stage with Calypso humorist the versatile Myron B, rising Jazz Star Sabrina Celestin and popular Spoken Word poet Derron Sandy.

The show will also see the official launching of the new www.pkeensdouglas.com. Tickets are only $250 and are available at Crosby’s, Cleve’s (Frederick Street), RIK- Gulf City/Trincity, and NAPA Box Office.

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