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September 9, 2018
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September 9, 2018

Central’s got talent

Joanne Marie Patrick

On Independence Day, the Central Vicariate Youth Council held its 6th annual ‘Central Vicariate Got Talent’ Show.

The show was held at Holy Faith Convent, Couva and this year, the Council incorporated an Art Exhibition as a new category. The show is held for youth 13–35 years to show off their talent and the categories of performances include song, dance, spoken word and instrumental.

The theme this year was Give God permission in your life and everyone was also asked to wear our national colours. The show was of a high standard as each performer really gave God glory in his or her piece and encouraged their peers to seek God first in spite of the many distractions in the world.

The final results are as follows:

Art Exhibition (6 contestants): Aiden Pierre, Chaguanas

Talent show (12 contestants):

Winner: Amoris Cumberbatch (dance), Gran Couva/Tabaquite

2nd Place: Alicia Hankey (song), Tortuga

3rd Place: Darriah Thompson (song), Tortuga

Most Promising (Song): Donyl Cooper, Couva

Most Promising (Instrumental): Jada Belgrave, Couva

Most Promising (Dance): Meagan Merrick, Couva

Most Promising (Spoken Word): Terrel Elie, Chaguanas

Congrats to all performers for sharing their time and talent with us.

During the show, many door prizes were given away and a prize was also given to the best dressed person in national colours.  Prizes were also given to persons who were able to sing a nation building song or an old time Kaiso.

Everyone had lots of fun. Special thanks to God for a wonderful day, thanks to Fr Derek Anton (Vicar) for his unwavering support and everyone else who worked diligently. The Council is also grateful to our hardworking Youth Moderator, Denise Scott for her tireless efforts. – Marisha Darneaud