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August 31, 2018
Fr Cuthbert—“the heartbeat” of Pax Yogurt
August 31, 2018

Pax Yogurt gets new ride

Pax Yogurt with new labels and a wider variety of flavours. Photo courtesy: Abbot John Pereira OSB

In an effort to satisfy its customers throughout T&T, a new Hyundai vehicle, fully refrigerated, was ordered to enhance the marketing logistics of Pax Yogurt Company. The vehicle was expected to be delivered to the Abbey Church Mt St Benedict monastery last Thursday.

Abbot John Pereira OSB in a WhatsApp message told Catholic News that the demand for their recently reformulated yogurt has grown considerably and the addition of this vehicle will help satisfy customers.

Pax Yogurt, which is manufactured at the Mount was founded in 2003 by Fr Fr Cuthbert van de Sande. Last Tuesday marked the first anniversary of his death. A 6.45 a.m. Mass was offered in his memory with Abbot Pereira as the main celebrant. He was assisted by Fr Christopher Theunissen and Fr Eduardo Pereira and all monks at the Abbey.

Over the years, the Pax Yogurt team has been researching ways to improve the brand.  From December 2017 two new sizes of containers were introduced: 10 oz and 22 oz. A new label was also designed which has more detailed information about the product.  The traditional flavours however, have been maintained: natural, almond, guava, passion fruit, pineapple, soursop, strawberry and vanilla.

For the health-conscious individual, the benefits of yogurt are legion. In research conducted by Dr Grace Gopaulsingh, a friend of the Abbey, a number of its important benefits were identified. It replenishes calcium in the body, assists in the prevention of breast and colon cancer, assists in food digestion, and is useful in combating nausea/upset stomach.
Information from the Mount’s website (http://www.mountstbenedictabbey.org) states that Pax Yogurt is both fat and cholesterol free, and thus is good for the heart. It helps in the control of gastroenteritis. It is also beneficial for expectant and nursing mothers and is recommended for baby’s first semi-solids but not for lactose intolerant babies.
“For those who simply want to look good on the outside, yogurt is ideal for facials as it helps fight pimples. In the smaller containers, it is a healthy bedtime snack and when fresh fruit is added it does have increased nutritional value,” it said.

Pax Yogurt is available at several supermarkets throughout the country including Pax Abbey Shop on the Mount, at all branches of Massy Stores, Xtra Foods, Tru Valu, JTA and more.–KJ