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August 31, 2018
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August 31, 2018

CREDI: Transforming Students with Music Education

Commitment and discipline make for winning combinations.

Persons with an interest in or passion for music, who desire to make a difference through music education, or those simply seeking to enhance their music skills can find the support, guidance and opportunities when the Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI) opens its doors for the new term this September.

Those with little to no experience in music can take their first steps on their musical journey with short courses in steel pan, voice, piano and guitar.  Members of parish choirs and music ministries can benefit from courses such as Music Theory and Practical; the Responsorial Psalm; Liturgical Composers & Compositions; and Developing Standards, Policies & Guidelines for Ministry.

On the other hand, persons interested in Music Education can develop and strengthen their skills in courses such as Choral and Steel Orchestral Techniques.  Credits from these course offerings can go towards CREDI’s Bachelor of Education with Honours (specialisation in Music Education) or Diploma in Pastoral Ministry in Caribbean Liturgical Music Studies programmes.

The programmes are structured to help nurture a love of music in the institute’s students, enhance their skills, inspire them to educate others and incorporate their knowledge in choirs, ministry groups, schools and parish communities.

Commenting on the benefits of the CREDI music programme  student Liesel Frederick  stated,“It is at CREDI that I have learnt, not only about music theories and pedagogy, but also of my abilities as a vocalist”. She explains, “Although I have spent many years singing and being comfortable with what I thought I can do, it is at CREDI with my ever patient and knowledgeable lecturers that I am learning about my true potential.”

“Third year student Marsha Woodley, has given her time and talent to various music ministries as a singer and choir director. She said,“ I honestly did not think that I could also make it a profession until I heard of and joined CREDI.  I learnt more about myself and others as musicians or budding musicians.”

Their experience at CREDI has contributed to nourishing and strengthening their faith.  Frederick-Bennet said, “My lecturers have seen in me what I could not see in myself and through trust and mutual respect, I believe that I am truly fulfilling my purpose and developing my talents, all of the glory and honour of God.”

Not only does CREDI provide challenging musical courses, students gain from the small class sizes which allow them to bond and afford faculty the opportunity to work closely with them.

CREDI’s guidance officer, counselling psychologist and support are available to help students as they journey academically and spiritually, and they also benefit from exposure to Original Pain Therapy, a method of self-discovery.

Prospective students who wish to learn more are invited to call CREDI today via 737-9309