A quick recap of IPCP

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August 20, 2018
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A quick recap of IPCP

The Integrated Pastoral Communications Plan (IPCP) cultivates quality collaboration, communion and commitment within and among the diocese of the region in order to promote a dynamic Catholic social communications presence within the Caribbean.

The plan is grounded in the Church’s pastoral instruction Aetatis Novae (1991) celebrating the rapid communication technologies.

It has been endorsed by the Bishops of the Antilles Episcopal Conference, among them our archbishop, Charles Jason Gordon.

IPCP is calling us to be collaborative in the 21stcentury. There are many pieces to the puzzle but we are trying to achieve a unified whole.

IPCP does not only involve persons who work in communications!

The Archdiocese of Port of Spain began the road to IPCP in 2017 with 14 members of various ministries. They completed a cooperative pilot project inspired by Return to Hospitality—a pastoral letter by Archbishop Emeritus Joseph Harris.

Six desired outcomes for IPCP:

To proactively utilise the expanding social communications media milieu for creating a robust prophetic Catholic Church presence within the Caribbean for addressing the emerging pastoral needs within the Church and society;

To inspire and stimulate ‘a new mature spirit of living faith’ within our Caribbean faith communities through the support of diverse means of social communications media;

To integrate social communications media education into all ministry formation programmes (catechesis, new evangelisation, liturgy, social justice, etc) inclusive of the Permanent Deaconate and Seminary Formation programmes;

To establish the Catholic Church’s Social Communications Network of creative thinkers or “imagineers” for keeping abreast of the rapidly evolving social communications media research and developments for connecting diverse peoples within our Caribbean Culture;

To encourage, support and reward diocesan ministers to pioneer new methodologies by collaborating within the diocese to support a fresh perspective for implementing an Integrated Pastoral Communications Plan;

To ensure that a comprehensive demonstration of collaboration, communion (community) and commitment is woven into the life and fabric of the mission and vision of the AEC and each member diocese.

How can I or my parish be a part of this collaborative process?

Get your hands on a copy of the AEC Bishop’s Pastoral Letter New Ways of Being Church in a Digital Milieu.

Contact our local IPCP team members:
Lisa Bhajan (Trinity TV) lisabhajan@gmail.com,
Fr Robert Christo (Camsel) robertchristoj@hotmail.com,
Renée Smith (Camsel) parishdesk.camsel@rcpos.org,
Peter Timothy (Evangelization Commission) evangelisationcommission@yahoo.com

Learn more of the process by visiting YouTube and typing in the keywords ‘AEC e-seminar’.