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August 4, 2018
Lives worthy of God’s Kingdom
August 4, 2018

The Vocations Cup: forged in the chalice of sacrifice

Q: Why is a chalice used in the Vocations Cup programme?

The chalice is most associated with the sacrifice of the Mass and therefore, the sacrifice that every Christian ought to make having been united with Christ. The sacrifice of the Mass and everyday life must never be separated.

Jesus, in the Garden, prayed to the Father that this chalice be taken from Him but not His will but the Father’s will be done. All ministry, therefore is forged in the “chalice” of personal and communal sacrifice.

The Vocation Cup is passed around a parish to remind families that sacrifice is the seedbed of any vocation: marriage, single life, lay consecrated life, priesthood or religious life.

On the part of the person thinking and reflecting on a life of complete and dedicated service to the Kingdom, sacrifice is required. The Vocations Cup is a reminder of this.

Secondly, the community is expected to support, encourage, inspire and motivate vocations and this too requires sacrifice. The Vocations Cup is a reminder of this.

Thirdly, the priesthood, religious and lay consecrated life requires sacrifice to discern, to enter and grow. The mission of the church to which we are called requires sacrifice; the Cup is a reminder of this.

Q: If there is a no Vocation Cup programme in my parish what can I do? 

Any parishioner who wants to see the Vocations Cup programme in their parish should first speak with the parish priest and/or parish administrator.

If the parish priest/parish administrator grants permission, the parishioner should contact Fr Matthew d’Hereaux, Vocations Director, any member of the Generation S Team, or visit us on Facebook communicating a desire to start the Vocations Cup programme. Assistance would be granted to begin.

Q: What is the relationship between the Vocations Cup programme and the Parish Vocations Committee (PVC)?

Ideally speaking, the PVC should be responsible for managing the Vocations Cup programme in the parish. Members of the PVC promote the programme in the parish. They also keep records of those who have and will receive the Cup.

They ensure that the Cup and its accompanying package is kept in good condition and that there is a smooth passing on of the cup from family to family in the parish.

If there are parishioners who are zealous about vocations, they should volunteer to form a PVC and, in turn begin the Vocation Cup programme as one of their first tasks.