The Vocations Cup: forged in the chalice of sacrifice
August 4, 2018
Every step Laura took, she did it with Jesus
August 4, 2018

Lives worthy of God’s Kingdom

All present seemed fervent in their devotion.

The one-day conference hosted by the Handmaids of the Lord-the ladies arm of the Couples for Christ ministry, July 12 at Benet’s Hall, Mt St Benedict attracted more than 150 persons.  Participants represented Curacao, Grenada, St Lucia, St Maarten, the Philippines, USA and Trinidad and Tobago. The theme was Rekindle the gift … Fulfil the Ministry (2 Timothy 1:6).

Praying the rosary preceded the invitation to praise and worship. St Anthony’s (Point Fortin) choir led the singing which was spirit-filled, musical, evangelistic and fulfilling. All present seemed fervent in their devotion.

Country head, Mark and Wendy Poon Tip, offered welcome remarks and the opening prayer then the teaching/learning sessions began. The presentations were: ‘The Gift’ by Barbara Wafe, Trinidad and Tobago; ‘The Solemn Charge’ by Marlene Francis-Julien, Grenada; ‘Daunting Task – Undaunting Spirit’ by Margaret Ann Charles, St Lucia; ‘The time has come’ by Claudette Sinnette, Trinidad and Tobago, and ‘On Fiery Wings’ by Sylvia De Lacuesta, USA.

The speakers referenced 2 Timothy in their discourse and spoke with passion and commitment. We were exhorted to ‘rekindle the gift’ so that we may live lives worthy of God’s Kingdom and respond to the challenge as students, mothers, teachers, healers and leaders.

We ought to be persistent in convincing, encouraging and reprimanding, having reality checks regarding sound doctrine, following desires, listening to truth, diverting insatiable curiosity; walking with the Holy Spirit and feeling the fire and love of God.

During the break and lunch periods, Handmaids met and greeted one another, renewed friendships and made new ones. Conference 2018 truly provided a Christian environment. Handmaids resolved to share Christian values.

It is our hope that God’s will and purpose will prevail as we strive to ‘Rekindle the Gift and Fulfil the Ministry’. We parted company refreshed and committed. – A member of Handmaids of the Lord