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August 3, 2018
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August 3, 2018

Beetham Police Youth campers exposed…to photography

The Beetham Police Youth Club hosted its annual camp for children July 9 – 20, exposing children to music, art, drama, speaking/oration, values education, and culinary skills using the format of the popular cooking show ‘Chopped’.

There were 21 participants between the ages of seven to 17 years including ten from the Christ Child Convalescent Home, Diego Martin.

The Catholic News visited the camp on the last day when Trinidad Express Photo Editor Robert Taylor was teaching the basics of photography. Taylor had recently visited the camp on assignment and the children told of their interest in photography.

Retired Inspector Sheila Prince, who runs the Youth Club, said the interest could be sparked because photography is “practical” and “some of them may have dreamt of holding a camera and may not think it’s possible, so it was real.”

Prince said Taylor related how he became a photographer starting with his childhood interest using his father’s camera and taking photos. “I think he was telling them from a young age they can do things”, Prince said.

She sees a “hunger” in the children to be taught the right thing and to be “nourished physically and spiritually”. Prince said they are the “future” of Beetham and although they are exposed to “borderlines” and fighting, they must strive to be better citizens. “There is hope”, she stressed.

In his session Taylor gave information on the components of the camera, how to hold the camera and compose images. He suggested the children can use their mobile phones and tablets for photography, instructing they remember to, “Hold to your face level, balance and take your picture; make sure the lighting is good”.

Taylor enjoyed the encounter saying it was a good opportunity to impart knowledge to the younger generation. “They were very interested; I was very impressed by some of the questions they asked”, he said. Taylor planned to return to do an advanced photography session. – LPG