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‘Mount’ among top-rated tourist sites in T&T

By Kaelanne Jordan,

Mount St Benedict Monastery was ranked fourth place among ten top-rated tourist attractions in Trinidad and Tobago on The post, dated July 18 described the red-roofed church tower of Mount St Benedict Monastery as one of the most striking landmarks east of Port of Spain.

It noted that “hiking and birding opportunities abound in the surrounding forest and the monastery is famous for its yogurt, which is shipped to supermarkets across the country.” When contacted for comment, Abbot John Pereira told Catholic News that the Benedictine monks would rather think of the Mount as a place which gives meaning to persons in need of spiritual depth and growth. A place, he explained that would be of more value to pilgrims (seekers of peace) than tourists (seekers of sights and sounds).

“Our focus is on pilgrims on a journey seeking God. We would like to think of the Mount as a place where God can be sought and found. There is a marked difference between a tourist and a pilgrim on a journey,” Abbot Pereira said via WhatsApp chat. Founded in 1912, Mount St Benedict is the oldest monastery in the region.

It is the home of Benedictine monks who have been called to live, pray and work together. Their work over the past century has flowed out of this basic commitment as they seek to respond to needs as they arise. At present, the monks are involved in pastoral counselling, pastoral outreach, yogurt production, retreats, woodwork, and technical education.

Also featured on were Maracas Bay; Pigeon Point, Tobago; Port of Spain; Caroni Bird Sanctuary; Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge; Little Tobago Island; Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust; Main Ridge Forest Reserve, Tobago; and number one attraction, Fort King George and the Tobago Museum.