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July 28, 2018
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July 28, 2018

Nicaragua unrest: SIGNIS expresses solidarity

The Association of Catholic Communicators of Latin American and the Caribbean (SIGNIS ALC), on behalf of all groups of Catholic communicators belonging to SIGNIS ALC, expresses solidarity with Nicaraguans, and in particular, the families of people who have been killed during the days of protest against the Ortega regime.

The association also offers support to bishops, priests, religious and pastoral agents who are journeying with their people demanding the restoration of democracy.

In a release, SIGNIS ALC said that in these moments of pain, they echo the words of their patron, Bishop Oscar Romero, who courageously and firmly asked that they raise their voices to “shout against so much abuse of human rights”, and that “justice be done, that there may not be so many crimes staining the homeland”.

“These words with which he denounced, at the time, the violence in his country, El Salvador, are for us the exact words we use with a sense of urgency, to denounce the painful situation that Nicaragua is suffering.”

The full text was shared on the Facebook page of Sts Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Kingston, Jamaica.

The release stated that the dramatic and painful sociopolitical crisis as of April 18 left more than 300 fatal victims of state violence in Nicaragua.

SIGNIS ALC’s hope however is encouraged and renewed in seeing how the Church, with the examples the highest authorities, like Cardinal Leopoldo José Brenes, Monsignor Silvio Báez and so many priests, religious and laity, put into practise on a daily basis.

“A commitment that our Latin American bishops assumed in Aparecida, where they indicated that ‘With firmness and determination, we will continue to exercise our prophetic task of discerning where the path of truth and life is; raising our voice in the social situations of our towns and cities and especially, in favour of those excluded from society’.”

Meanwhile, a message from the V Conference of Aparecida, assured Nicaraguans that they too stand in solidarity and will continue to denounce the signs of death while promoting a culture of encounter and communication for peace.

“Be assured that the Catholic communicators of SIGNIS ALC and the Subregion of SIGNIS Caribbean will know how to respond with our mission as Catholic communicators, to inform and, above all, to offer a communication that promotes hope and solidarity.”- KJ.