Fr Leonard, 80, gives thanks
July 21, 2018
16th Sunday of OT (B)
July 21, 2018

‘C’est la vie!’

SVG youth post of AECYA experiences

Upon their arrival, SVG youth and youth adults attending the AEC Youth Assembly (AECYA) in Martinique July 10–23 expressed a keen desire to build relationships, create memories and, most of all, ignite in the hearts of young people a burning desire to love and serve God with their whole being.

The youth from the Diocese of Kingstown, in Facebook posts, chronicled their participation from July 10–12. It said their welcome was a warm and spirited one by their hosts.

“They were friendly; they were helpful; they were patient; they were kind! Kudos to the AEC Fort de France team that has been working diligently towards a successful Assembly. You have made a lasting first impression and we can only pray that God would continue to bless your efforts.”

Day one of the pilgrimage began with a 3.30 a.m. wake-up call “to hit the showers”, get out the house and get to ‘AIA’ (Argyle International Airport) for 5 a.m. “Wishful thinking indeed—most of us made it there for 5.20 a.m.,” the microblog commented.

The writer gave glory to God and thanked LIAT that their flights and connections transitioned smoothly. The delegates met up with other youth and young adults from Antigua and Guyana while in transit in Barbados and they all arrived “spot on time” and in high spirits.

One of the highlights of the delegates’ day was standing under the shade of the bus stop “seriously” chewing a tasty baguette sandwich, then being dropped off by bus about a kilometre away from their lunch spot, then having to trek “the not-so-subtle” inclines to the quaint bay area in Pointe Savane.

On day two, (last Wednesday), the delegates reconnected that morning with broad smiles and high spirits. Gratitude to their host families was reiterated: their hospitality was so impactful that the pleasant thought of returning “home” helped them endure another lunch and snack made with bread.

“Bread, bread, glorious bread—it really is a French thing, but c’est la vie! (such is life). We take the good with the not so good! We have much to be thankful for!”

Also mentioned was the highlight of the day, Mass in the parish of Robert (pronounced ‘row-beer’), and a lively reception hosted by their parish priests, the mayor and the parishioners. “And by lively, I mean a good and proper jig to the French version of ‘Chosen Generation’ from outside the church to the reception hall.”

The following day began with Mass in the parish of Trinite where three of the SVG pilgrims were staying with families. Mass was followed by a visit to the Musée de Rhum, a Rum Museum in St James; initiation bélé (a cultural dance) and the Banana Museum/Musée de la Banane.

The Facebook post also included a short video of the “highpoint” of that day—an impromptu praise and worship session by the participants that lasted one hour and 45 minutes, at an old fort overlooking St Pierre.