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July 14, 2018
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July 15, 2018

Hardbargain celebrates patronal feast day

A hearty Trini breakfast is served.

The Catholic community of Hardbargain celebrated the solemnity of the feast of St Paul, their patron saint on July 1. Parishioners of the parish of Princes Town joined with them making this event a spirit-filled, successful and joyous one.

The morning began with Holy Mass with parish priest, Fr Santhosh Puliyammakkal MSFS. Fr Santhosh, who is well known for his pertinent and metaphorical stories, began his homily with the story of a mountain climber to illustrate the significance of faith. He continued to explain the faith of Jairus, a prominent, rich man and the faith of the poor woman.

He reiterated that socio-economic status was not important but complete dependence on God was vital, coupled with genuine love and faith in God. Those essential factors were instrumental in their healing.

He encouraged the congregation to pray with love, faith and courage. He humorously added that if our prayers are not answered, then “check your prayers” which made the congregants chuckle lightly.

Father’s homily continued with the life of St Paul whom he described as broadminded and a great missionary and visionary.

After the Mass, all were served a sumptuous Trini breakfast during which parishioners chatted and mingled with each other. It is always a joy to experience the camaraderie that exists in this unique community and the profound devotion to their Christian faith as Catholics. We pray that St Paul continues to protect Hardbargain St Paul RC Chapel and may the parishioners persevere in keeping the faith alive. – Annette Lall Singh