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July 15, 2018
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July 15, 2018

‘Consider This’ continues in Catholic schools

St Xavier’s Preparatory pupils wave to the camera after signing the fighter pledge.

For the past few months, Jerome Alexander has been facilitating sessions on ‘Consider This: the effects of pornography on children’, emerging from the October 2016 conference.

In April, parents of Lopinot RC Primary were invited to a presentation on the negative effects of porn on children. About 30 parents attended, along with some teachers in the session held at the school.

In June at Holy Cross College, Alexander spoke to 65 students in Forms One and Two. The boys were engaged and very attentive from beginning to end. Of the 65 boys present, six shared that they could and have spoken to their parents about porn.

Many of the youth are no longer on Facebook, their preferred platforms for social media being Instagram and Snapchat which comprise mainly photos.

These boys have already been exposed to porn and from the questions asked many are looking for assistance to avoid the damage of porn in their lives. One young man asked, “How can a person who has seen porn not become addicted and get help?’’

On June 7 and 14, the post SEA class of St Xavier’s Preparatory participated in an interactive education and awareness session on the dangers of pornography.

For more information on the programme, contact the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission: 672-4280 /299-1047 or visit the website, . The Commission is on Facebook:ArchdiocesanFamilyLifeCommission and on  Instagram: familylifecommission