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July 8, 2018
Our Elijah’s Cup
July 8, 2018

Mariama fundraiser to help children, youth

The Mariama Children’s Museum & Teen Turf (MCMTT): The Counselling and Activity Center for Children and Adolescents, will be hosting a fundraising garden party and fashion show on Saturday July 21, 2 –7 p.m. at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, 6 Newbold Street, St Clair.

For more than two decades, MCMTT has been working to provide solutions for the well-being of children, young people and families in Trinidad and Tobago. In a release, MCMTT stated many adolescents find themselves making choices which do not help them to live a successful life. They need psychological and psycho-educational assessments which would give their schools and parents recommendations to assist with making choices for their good.

The release said historically and currently, the Student Support Services of the education ministry is overwhelmed and young people must wait six months to a year to be assessed. The fundraiser aims to assist parents with accessing private counselling services for their children.

“Doing these assessments privately is very costly and those who need them cannot afford the private services. In 2018 and beyond, Mariama’s mission is to become an agency through which parents can access (in a timely manner) financial assistance for this urgent need and we will assist them to access the services privately.”

Part proceeds of the fundraiser will go toward assisting a former After School Care participant of Mariama who will be pursuing a neuropsychology course in London.

The event also commemorates 28 years of MCMTT and is an early celebration of Emancipation 2018 (August 1), which has as its national theme Empowerment to Overcome Today’s Challenges: Fortitude and Readiness.

Persons interested in supporting the fundraiser can contact 363–7948, 752–7554 or 642–4231.