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July 2, 2018
Giving the Lord permission in our parish’s family life
July 2, 2018

They came, cooked and conquered at Maloney cookout

Composite of cookout participants and some of the meals prepared.

Yes, our Maloney Men’s Group laboured in love and camaraderie on June 19, the Labour Day holiday to foster the “male tribe” in rites of passage, at this Men’s Cookout, with big trophy for the winning team too!

“No women allowed” was the common refrain in the exciting lead up to the event. Not even the weather forecast could dampen the spirits of these Maloney ‘male-kind’ as they prepped and planned their special day. Indeed, many females were disappointed that the men were anticipating the day with so much excitement!

Organised by the Family Life Unit, led by the indefatigable Victor Bernard, the teams were divided into three groups, representative of our three communities, Maloney, Mausica and D’Abadie. Talk about planning meetings and menu and meanwhile we women in the dark eh!

The day dawned and ah hear that they had big menu fuh so! A spy told me that Mausica had to cook pineapple chicken and roast chicken; D’Abadie was responsible for pelau, pastelles and fry chicken; Maloney’s menu was curry-stew chicken and curry duck!

Hmm, cooking time and them males—yuh done know how they could be competitive, is pace and all kinds of big pot and fire cracker stove, yes! Ah hear is garnish with banana leaves and fancy plate and design and thing, as each team wanted to convince the pokerfaced judging panel of their gastronomic skill. They say in river lime not gourmet cooking, but not from the few pictures they allowed me to see: it look like fancy food and boss presentation, too!

Results were announced and the Maloney team won with their curry duck cuisine. Ah even hear that the parish priest Fr Jason Boatswain stirring pot for them too, so that was an uneven advantage as he add prayers to that pot!

All in all, from what I heard, that cookout was boss and certainly God in His infinite mercy had His hand over the weather. With the start of creating a bond of family among our males, young and old, iron can sharpen iron and restore so much of that kinship spirit that is lost.

Thanks Maloney men for that male muster-point moment! We pray that the Lord will restore every father- son, brother-brother relationship which the locust and palmer worm may have eaten, returning Glory to God! – Dianne Wells