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June 29, 2018
St Anthony, Pt Fortin celebrates feast day
July 1, 2018

Kenyon Jack sings about ‘The Way’

An afternoon of praise and worship was evident at the June 15 launch of Kenyon Jack’s CD. A man on a mission, Kenyon Jack’s ‘The Way’ is a blend of different musical beats to songs of praise. It was a labour of love, a dream realised after years of perseverance, persistence and prayers.

The ambiance was intimate: the décor was white chair backs with teal tiebacks, an artificial palm tree with teal lightning and a running video of a song ‘Hero for just a moment’. This was the setting at the Central Regional Indoor Sports Arena, Manick Street, Chaguanas.

Host Sheree-Ann Bharat greeted and welcomed arriving guests and kept the audience captivated and engaged for the entire event.

The occasion had the blessings of Deacon Tristram Matura who not only congratulated Kenyon, a parishioner at St Philip and St James RC, Chaguanas, but sang a couple lines of the song ‘Sing to the Mountain’ and wished Kenyon, well on his journey. Family friend, Hayes Jones gave a brief but interesting biography of Kenyon Jack: a family man, footballer, churchgoer and ‘Man on a Mission.’

Kenyon, also known as ‘Mopsy’, sang a number of songs to the delight of the audience and received thunderous applause after each rendition. Songs included ‘Right to Give Him Praise’, ‘Have Faith’, ‘Fired Up for Jesus’, ‘Source of Good Living’ and ‘Christ is Coming Again’.

A simple and humble man, Kenyon addressed the audience and explained his journey. A melody resonating in his head during a retreat was the start of his truly inspirational story. This melody led him to write his first recorded song ‘Tongues of Fire’.

Other melodies kept coming and one by one Kenyon penned them. But he was soon confronted with two challenges: he was neither a singer nor financially equipped to support this venture. As such, he reached out to several avenues for support but to no avail.

He confessed to surrendering his situation to God during Mass. Shortly afterwards, he decided to do voice training through YouTube. Then a friend Dana Le Ben introduced him to Aaron Peters, a musical producer who helped him compile the present CD. Kenyon testified that everything is possible with God.

Kenyon said he was resolute and determined to inspire and evangelise in the name of Jesus as he thanked his family and friends who were present for their continued support and belief in him. He invited guests to continue to pray for him.

To complement the CD launch, activities included a dance by Cherisse Pascual to one of Jack’s songs ‘Rise.’ Wendell Brewster also sang a beautiful rendition of ‘His Strength is Perfect,’ a tribute to Kenyon. There were two door prizes and the presentation of CDs to specially invited guests. The occasion closed with a prayer and the audience was treated to beautiful music and light refreshments. Many purchased CDs and took photos with the aspiring singer.

If you are interested in purchasing ‘The Way’ contact Kenyon Jack at 737-2679 –Georgina Chami

Kenyon Jack sings at the launch. Photos: Anthony Frection Cherisse Pascual dances to ‘Rise’.