Obedience to God first when caring for environment – Suriname bishop
June 29, 2018
13th Sunday of OT (B)
June 29, 2018

Hurricane preparations must begin now BAHAMAS

The island of Tortola was seriously damaged during the passage of Hurricane Irma last September.

With the 2018 hurricane season having commenced June 1, Archbishop Patrick Pinder of Nassau called on citizens to never risk being caught unprepared.

Most importantly, he urged all to trust themselves to God’s divine providence, pray that they will be spared the destructive forces of hurricanes and storms, and trust that whatever happens, all shall be well.

“The time to begin our hurricane preparations is right now….This is an annual exercise for us but we cannot stress enough the importance of being prepared whether a hurricane actually makes landfall on our shores or not,” the archbishop said in a June statement on Hurricane Preparation 2018.

The full text is available on the Archdiocese of Nassau’s website (www.archnassau.org/).

In the statement, the archbishop acknowledged that images of devastation from last year’s destructive storms which affected Ragged Island (Bahamas), Dominica, Barbuda and Puerto Rico are still clear in their memory.

“Even now, many are still in recovery mode. The Hurricane Season is a period of six months. Our nation experienced direct hits in the last three hurricane seasons. The most recent being Hurricane Irma in September of last year.”

Archbishop Pinder reminded Bahamians that during the hurricane season they should maintain the following items in their homes: non-perishable food (canned goods); drinking water (enough to last at least a week); prescription medicines (at the very least a week’s supply); flashlights, batteries, a transistor radio, a manual can opener and a first aid kit.

Bahamians were also told to ensure that all their hurricane shutters and the tools necessary for putting them in place are available and every household should have clear evacuation plans in the event of flooding or severe winds.

“Our advance preparation can eliminate the last-minute rush to purchase supplies. Having an adequate supply of food, water and medicine is critical for coping during the difficult days of post hurricane recovery, should we come to that.”