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June 24, 2018
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June 24, 2018

ALPHA Journey at St Finbar’s

St Finbar’s RC Church, Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin recently concluded its 22nd consecutive ALPHA Journey in which 31 participants pursued their interest in learning more about the Christian faith and in strengthening their relationship with Jesus Christ.Here are some testimonies:

A: “The Day Away was one of my best days in terms of spiritual fulfilment and connection to God that I have ever experienced…” C: “I decided to do ALPHA only to support a friend. However, I gained a lot from having done the journey. My relationship with Jesus was deepened. I can say I trust Him more than I ever have.” G: “ALPHA was the light that leads me back to God and his Son, Jesus.” K: “I now realise how much I need God in my daily life. The Holy Spirit loves me and is there for me at all times.”

Like many other parishes in Trinidad and Tobago and worldwide, St Finbar’s has found ALPHA to be a simple and effective way of presenting information on the Christian faith in a clear, friendly and relaxed environment and considers ALPHA to be an effective tool for evangelisation.

In September 2007, St Finbar’s embraced the mandate which the Evangelization Commission extended to all parishes to introduce ALPHA. The first session is usually after the start of Lent in February/March, and the second in September.

Many have testified that ALPHA has brought them closer to God and has had a positive effect on the parish, as people have formed lasting friendships with their ALPHA alumnae. In addition to positively affecting the participants’ spiritual lives, ALPHA has encouraged them to a higher level of service to the parish community.

Over the years, the St Finbar’s ALPHA Team has grown to 20 members, all trained to conduct the ALPHA journey and each bringing their special talents and skills, which have contributed to effective implementation of the journey. Members consider it a privilege to guide the participants through this stage of their spiritual journeys.

With the support of St Finbar’s parish, the team has sought to use every opportunity for learning and exchanges of experiences through the training courses, seminars and conferences offered to parishes by the Evangelization Commission.

In September–November 2017, St Finbar’s was honoured to support St Peter’s RC Church, Carenage, in the presentation of its ALPHA journey for parents of its First Communion and Confirmation candidates. St Finbar’s has also given support by providing prayer teams for Our Lady of Perpetual Help RC Church, San Fernando at its Youth ALPHA Day Away for its Confirmation candidates in April this year at Fatima College.

In September, the Youth ALPHA course will be introduced as part of the Confirmation Programme at St Finbar’s. Our team is looking forward to being part of this initiative. As we grow in faith, the team continues to look for new opportunities to grow the ALPHA journey in the archdiocese.

The next ALPHA at St Finbar’s will be in September and the team is eagerly looking forward to welcoming participants and accompanying them as they seek to understand the Christian faith more deeply, learn more about Jesus Christ, and deepen their relationship with Him for those who already know Him.

Your prayers and God’s continued richest blessings are requested.