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June 23, 2018
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June 23, 2018

Teams meet at Santa Rosa

Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Fortunatus Nwachukwu celebrated Mass for Teams of Our Lady at the Santa Rosa RC Church, Arima on June 10. Archbishop Nwachukwu’s homily was directed to teams at the World Cup being successful when they know and follow the rules. Likewise, Teams of Our Lady will also be successful through prayer and working with and for each other. His Excellency also presented some amazing new insights into Genesis. Some of his homily is available on Santa Rosa’s Facebook page.

At a thanksgiving presentation after Mass, it was revealed that Archbishop Nwachukwu was also from a First Peoples’ community in Nigeria, and the gifts of handcrafted stoles from Trinidad’s First Peoples to him and Msgr Kaboré were very well received.

We thank Santa Rosa parishioners and Teams couple Shamagne and Gregory Bertrand for coordinating our Mixed Team Meeting that followed the Mass. This meeting is held annually to allow the other ten Teams in the country to meet and share with each other so that couples do not feel alone in their struggles. Parish communities also gain awareness of this movement in the Church.

Team meetings also happened on an international scale every six years and will take place in July this year when 9,000 members will gather in Fatima, Portugal. Six couples and one priest from Trinidad and Tobago are attending. We have been engaging in fundraisers to meet that expense for the group.

Teams of Our Lady is a Christian movement for married couples, to help couples deepen their faith and

Team’s Regional Chaplain Msgr Julien Kaboré concelebrated the 9 a.m. parish Mass alongside parish priest Fr Steve Duncan, while Rev Paul Bousignac assisted. Santa Rosa First Peoples’ President and Chief Ricardo Bharath-Hernandez and Queen Jennifer Cassar also graced us with their attendance.

Msgr Kaboré’s presentation on the spiritual foundation and formation of married couples was very profound. Msgr Kaboré also advocated having a corner in our home dedicated to Our Lady. Our Pilgrim Virgin is available for 1-2 weeks at your request. As June 18 was Msgr Kaboré ‘s 50th birthday, we celebrated with a surprise birthday cake.

About Teams

grow closer, and we have rules or tools, called ‘endeavours’ which offer a way to living marriage as a vocation toward love, happiness and holiness.

Primarily we put God first in our lives by daily prayer and reading the Word.

Couple and family prayer are fundamental. We have a ‘Rule of life’, as a personal challenge for growth, and ‘Couple sit down’ at least once a month, with an annual weekend Couples’ Retreat.

We meet monthly for spiritual formation under the guidance of a chaplain or counsellor, for growth and maturity in our Catholic faith. More details can be found on the aflcrc.org and www.equipes-notre- dame.com/en websites. – Teams of Our Lady