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June 23, 2018
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Live as witnesses – Fr Ango

Fr Simon Peter Ango preaches the homily.

Fr Simon Peter Ango affirmed that with all the problems facing Trinidad and Tobago today, mothers and women like Mary are greatly needed.

“Mothers, we need you. You have to intercede for all of us on behalf of the country because when you talk to your children in high places in the country, will your son not listen? Why is it we don’t talk [up]? We keep quiet. All of us have to wake up,” Fr Ango said in his homily at the Laventille Devotions, June 10.

The parish priest of St Peter’s RC, Mayaro told the stories of Naomi, Ruth and Anna who worshipped night and day, fasting and praying. He asked those gathered, “Do we sometimes endure and stay for the sake of our families?”, adding in life one has to struggle and give up many things for things to go well.

Fr Ango also referenced the status of Esther and challenged women to wear a little makeup and smile: “Anything you tell your husband, he will listen.” He reminded attendees, including youth, that like Mary, they must live as witnesses to Christ. If they don’t live well in the home, their attendance at Mass will be in vain.

“Sometimes you don’t need to talk at all…From far away, they will see how you live your life…If all of us here will live that kind of worthy life and live as witness of people of God, next month all this place is full,” he said. On the other hand, if persons refuse to change, “nobody will come”.

Fr Ango urged the congregation to honour God and follow His commandments, co-operate with each other, forgive one’s neighbour, read the Bible daily and encourage all to attend the Devotions. He assured the faithful that they will return home differently in one way or the other.

Earlier in his homily, Fr Ango reflected on the First Reading (Gen 3: 9–15), on Adam and Eve. He said that like Adam, we too see ourselves naked when we disobey God. Commenting on nakedness, he questioned why churchgoers go to church half “naked”.

“Yes, I see a lot of people we have to talk to like children. Check yourself before you come to church! God does not want to see our nakedness. I don’t want to either,” Fr Ango said to thunderous applause.

He reiterated that the story of Adam and Eve is one of many examples of discipline throughout the Bible and also highlights God’s subsequent “embrace”.

“Do we have that kind of spirit in our country today,” he asked, to which the faithful replied, “No”.

Ultimately, Fr Ango hoped that the faithful will experience the Devotions as an opportunity to greet someone just as God forgave Adam and Eve. – KJ