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June 16, 2018
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June 16, 2018

Watching and waiting

By Nth Degree

By the time you read this, Russia World Cup would be well underway. But let me start one time with a quick retraction. Ah have to back back ah bit.

Yuh see Group D of Argentina, Iceland, Croatia and Nigeria? I said last week that the two teams for the next round from this group would be Argentina and Croatia. But anything could play as you can’t discount the Nigerians. Especially since the nuncio was talking about teams last Sunday at Mass in Santa Rosa.

Yes, the nuncio was celebrating the Mass with Teams of Our Lady members present, and he weave into his homily how, if you’re talking teams you must talk about the teams getting ready for the World Cup.

Well, one time your boy study his head! I don’t want the nuncio sending the editor any letter of complaint about how one of your writers don’t see his team making it to the next rounds. No! But wait, ah wondering now who he really supporting when Argentina face Nigeria! Pope Francis is Argentinian.

This Sunday, I have to take in my team, Germany versus CONCACAF representatives, Mexico, and I must watch Brazil versus Switzerland. Beware of the Swiss!

The other big matches this week in my humble opinion are:
Monday – Sweden vs South Korea, Tunisia vs England; Tuesday – Poland vs Senegal; Colombia vs Japan, Russia vs Egypt; Wednesday – Portugal vs Morocco; Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia; Iran vs Spain; Thursday – France vs Peru; Denmark vs Australia; Argentina vs Croatia; Friday – Brazil vs Costa Rica; Nigeria vs Iceland; Saturday – Belgium vs Tunisia; Germany vs Sweden; South Korea vs Mexico.

Well, I suppose by now you realise I have listed most of the matches this week. Why? You see, teams want to get off to a good start. Nobody wants to lose their early games and then have to make sure to win the next one.

So these matches will be all about watching and waiting, looking for an opening to score the so-called ‘go-ahead goal’, as the Americans like to call it.

Next week, I will give you my impressions of the big-name teams like France, Brazil, Argentina, Belgium and England. Stay tuned!

This week’s column is dedicated to His Excellency the papal nuncio, whose homily last Sunday really touched me. I think he had on a green Nigeria jersey underneath his vestments…