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May 12, 2018
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May 12, 2018

Use the BOM app

There seems to be an app (application on a mobile device) for everything and anything nowadays. Many people are seeking convenient ways to manage their lives through the use of technology.

There is good news for women and couples who want to learn more about their fertility through our Billings Ovulation Method (BOM) App and online support. Young adults in the midst of their reproductive years, and adults in or nearing the end of theirs, can use our online support to assist them in their reproductive health needs as well as their family planning needs. Our official online supports are Fertility Pinpoint ( and NFP Charting Online (

These apps are accompanied by teaching support, which is unusual for (if not entirely unavailable in) other apps. Someone referred to our online support, would already have had initial instructions on the BOM. They would know that to use the BOM online to achieve 99 per cent success in avoiding or postponing a pregnancy or near 78 per cent success in achieving a pregnancy or to monitor one’s reproductive health requires knowledge of how to chart the patterns of fertility and infertility.

The online support offered includes the assistance of a teacher to guide the newly introduced persons to the Method, as seeing the patterns of fertility and infertility may take some time, especially if the persons using it had been taught the Method long after they have had their first menstrual cycle.

The role of the teacher is to assist the woman and/or couple to understand the signs her body is giving her naturally on a daily basis about her reproductive system. The teacher does this confidentially; no information about the woman or couple is shared, unless agreed upon by the persons learning.

The teacher contributes to the welfare of the couple by teaching the authentic method with patience, perseverance and love.  There are far too many ‘fake’ methods or online apps available which mislead and disappoint too many women and couples.

The Billings’ teacher helps the woman to interpret the record of observations she made and alerts her to changes in her chart that need medical investigation so that she can catch medical problems before they become significant issues. The teacher encourages the women and couples in the times when abstinence is necessary, and encourages generosity when abstinence is absolutely unnecessary.

We advocate young women to get to know their bodies as early as possible to avoid being clueless when it comes to understanding what their reproductive system is telling them. This Method truly empowers women and couples in understanding the woman’s fertility, infertility and reproductive health.

The Method is completely natural—no drugs or devices are needed. No need to buy a product at the pharmacy. This is great news in times of recession. The in-person support BOMA-TT offers, is only TT$100. NFP Charting Online and Fertility Pinpoint both come with a small fee in US dollars (depending on the service you choose).

This year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae (HV) when Blessed Pope Paul VI stated again the Church’s teaching that contraception is contrary to God’s will. “This teaching, set forth by the Magisterium on numerous occasions, is founded upon the inseparable connection, willed by God and which man may not break on his own initiative, between the two-fold significance of the conjugal act: the unitive significance and the procreative significance” (HV).  Let us heed Archbishop Jason Gordon’s appeal to all Catholics to think with the Church.

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