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The first confirmation in the Southern Vicariate by Archbishop Jason Gordon was held on Sunday, April 8, at the La Divina Pastora RC Church, Siparia. Twenty-four young persons, well-prepared and beautifully clad were conferred the Sacrament.

They started their journey to Confirmation on January 18, 2016 with Bernadette Charles as their catechist. The journey saw them involved in a nine-church pilgrimage which was a first for many of them. They did many activities as a group which strengthened their bond as Christian Catholic youths.

They attended the Mercy Village as a group, and decorated, cooked and enjoyed Christmas dinners together. They were actively involved in the welcoming and the farewell ceremonies for the visit of the Our Lady of Fatima statue, and the Good Friday walk; they had their feet washed for the Holy Thursday liturgy; and participated in the various youth Masses in the parish.

When encouraged to become active in Church ministry, they indicated that their choices were not available. As a result, they were encouraged to start the Ministries they desired as young active Catholics.

At their Confirmation, they processed up the aisle and presented the gift with dance to officially launch the Liturgical Dance Ministry in the parish.

This group continues post confirmation, and hopes to establish new ministries as well as revive dormant ones, so that more choices will be available for our youths to become actively involved in Church life and thus build the youth ministry in the parish.

The group was blessed to have been started under the guidance and strong support of Fr Martin Sirju. When Fr Martin was replaced by Fr Alan Hall, the strong support and guidance simply continued undisturbed.

An assistant catechist, Aminah Gilkes-Solomon, became a welcomed part of their experience. They were able to complete sessions of Life in the Spirit and extensive Growth in the Spirit; an amended version of the Healing of the Family, to suit their situation; Spiritual Warfare; and the Theology of the Body (YOU). In addition to their catechesis, a lot of Bible study was also included in the programme.

As thanks are extended to the parish priests for their input, special thanks are also extended to the parents and sponsors of the candidates and to the entire parish for their support and prayers. – Vickie Ann Millet-John, La Divina Pastora