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April 20, 2018
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April 20, 2018

Adopt the posture of love

I am just fed up of writing about the ills our country faces every day. I believe if I write about the good things which surround us, maybe I’ll be able convince at least a few people not to give up on Trinidad and Tobago in these harrowing times, but to try so much harder to exude love for God and each other.

It is not accidental that the Prime Minister is among our leaders who are calling for greater love among residents. An environment of love trumps one of hate every time. Today there are so many families living in disarray, with family members holding so much animosity against each other. This gives rise to murders, land grabs and litigation for all sorts of material things.

As Leo Zanchettin, editor of the magazine the WORD among us said, “Just as Jesus longs to see His Church united, He longs to see our families united. He knows that division of any kind casts a shadow over our ability to love each other. And so He asks to make unity, forgiveness and reconciliation hallmarks of our lives.”

Continuing, he said, “He wants us to ‘put on love’ over all virtues we value at home (cf Colossians 3:14). If we can create an environment of welcome, respect and love in our homes, we will find it much easier to deal with whatever divisions crop up. We will work together to find a way to speak the truth to one another, but to do so in love and humility, not in conflict or animosity.”

Now, in the society we have here, such a goal may never happen—perfect unity among our families or even all Christians for that matter, but every time we get closer to the Lord, we get closer to each other. This means that on every occasion we make unity and love priorities in our life, whether it is in our homes or communities, we help to bring the whole Church together.

In our country there now resides so much jealousy and hate; we have lost so much of simple manners, respect for each other and for people’s property. This is because so many of us live Godless lives; many of us do what we want and that is why we must resolve to become better persons in this life.

If we carefully observe the crime wave in the country, we will see a lot of gangland-style killings. If we look at many of the services provided to the public, they are havens of corruption and manifest a lack of love for fellowman. Likewise with the number of road rage incidents, no forgiveness is seen.  The prevalence of these crimes shows a lack of respect for each other.

But if we really look at ourselves, we can see a good person and further if we read Mark 1:11 in which a voice came from the heavens says, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased”. And according to Terri Mifek writing in Living Faith, “We all desire to feel beloved, but unlike Jesus, we seem to find many ways to resist receiving what we so deeply desire…. While we may pray to experience God’s love, we can quickly counter any sense of acceptance with a thorough inventory of our faults and failures.”

There we have it. With God’s help we can be anything. If we choose good, then good will follow us, but if we choose to go the wrong way, then obviously it would not be a good ending. I implore you as part of this society to adopt postures of love, forgiveness and humility to make this country a better place for all of us.