St Theresa’s Kindergarten pupils observe Lent, celebrate Easter
April 14, 2018
Pursuing MLK’s dream 
April 14, 2018

Brazil RC Day of Fasting and Prayer, and walkathon

The Brazil RC Primary School marked the Lenten season with its annual Day of Fasting and Prayer on March 23. Pupils were encouraged not to eat any meat products and only snacks of fruits were consumed on this day. The Last Supper and the Stations of the Cross were re-enacted.

On March 28 the school held its annual walkathon under the theme A Year for Love; it was led by newly appointed principal Hayden Small. The walk was attended by pupils, teachers, parents and supporters, and ended in the nearby savannah with attractions such as bouncy castle, pony rides, cricket, bike riding, kite flying and a fitness marathon.