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March 24, 2018
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March 24, 2018

Artist calls for change through ‘Revelation II’

Artwork by Kathy-Ann Mackay

Visual Arts secondary school teacher Kathy-Ann Mackay will host her art exhibition ‘Revelation II: Jesus Christ: True God & True Man’ today, Palm Sunday. The venue for the one-day show (10 a.m. – 8 p.m.) is The Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago, Cor Jamaica Blvd & St Vincent Avenue, Federation Park, St Clair. All are invited.

Mackay was born May 31, 1964, in Port of Spain, the last of 12 children born to Joseph and Lenor D’Abreau. She attended Holy Name Convent, where she pursued O’ Levels and A’ Levels. She later obtained her Diploma in Education at Valsayn Teachers’ Training College. Mackay is married with five children and has taught for over 18 years at primary, post-primary and secondary.

Mackay said in a release that The Revelation series of artwork is intended to acknowledge and express that God is Love and His call to all mankind to become what He intended us all to be, created in His image and likeness; love infinitum!

“Revelation I focused on the life of Jesus Christ. Revelation II goes a step further       and asks the questions, ‘Who is Jesus Christ? How does He relate to the people of Trinidad and Tobago? What is His call to us as a people, as a nation?’”

Acrylic on canvas was her media of choice in her first exhibition. In Revelation II, Mackay will be exploring her love of contrasts in black and white as well as monochromatic themes employing mixed media including inks, pencil, pens, and charcoal.

The artist says, “As a loyal and dedicated citizen of our beloved Trinidad and Tobago, my heart goes out to the suffering of our people evidenced daily in the appalling crime situation. Therefore, through my work I desire to convey the need for spiritual, moral and social change. Revelation II is a call to the nation for change, a change of hearts and minds. This change I foresee can best be accommodated and must begin in the education system of T&T.”

Mackay may be contacted at 348-0572 or 724-6238.