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March 16, 2018
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March 16, 2018

Youth Explosion 2018 in Arima

Santa Rosa parish priest Fr Steve Duncan (left) and Fr Gabriel Julien lend their support to Youth Explosion 2018.

“Auntie, you forced me to come, and now I don’t regret coming.”

“Auntie, when is the next Explosion?”

These were some of the sentiments of our young Catholics who attended Youth Explosion 2018.

They all came: from Our Lady of Perpetual Help, San Fernando; St Dominic’s, Morvant; Sacred Heart, Port of Spain; Valencia; Church of the Holy Spirit, Malabar; St Peter and St Paul, Chaguanas; St Theresa’s, Woodbrook; Santa Rosa parish, to praise and worship Jesus in Santa Rosa Park, Arima. From Wednesday, February 21 to Friday 23, they joined with the youths of St Patrick’s, Newtown, for the fourth edition of the event.

There were three evenings of profound praise, heartfelt worship, living testimonies, Bible readings and homilies presented by the young people. They did it all by themselves. They actively participated in praying the rosary, in devotion to the Divine Mercy and the Stations of the Cross. They performed spoken word, jazz music, gospel music, dance, and there was lots of sharing.

This wonderful idea, born of Fr Gabriel Julien four years ago, emerged from the firm belief that young people in the Catholic Church are fully capable of conducting their own retreat and thus, can certainly minister to other youth.

These Explosions are hosted annually by St Patrick’s youth at the Augustus Williams Park, Roberts Street, Woodbrook.  This year, however, they took it to Santa Rosa Park to allow another group of young people to experience and co-host such an event.

These young people publicly testified to their love of God; they shared their journeys, struggles and successes. Ultimately, their message was Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light!

Sincere gratitude is extended to the Howell Family aka Magnificent M’s from Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish; The Chosen Generation Band; Christi Amor of Arima; Santa Rosa Youth Ministry; the St Patrick’s youth; and Santa Rosa parish priest Fr Steven Duncan. – Jessica Chin, Obo St Patrick’s Youth.