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March 3, 2018
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March 3, 2018

First play ‘Resurrection’ from new adult drama ministry

A new Adult Drama Ministry has been formed in the San Fernando/Mon Repos/La Romaine/Pointe-a-Pierre Cluster. The core objective of this new ministry is to bring the Word of God alive through drama and the performing arts. The ministry is based at the Christ the King RC Church, Vistabella.

In January, there was a recruitment drive for this ministry and the group’s first meeting was held in February. Approximately 20 persons were present at this first meeting among them, actors, musicians, dancers and even those with no experience in the arts but had an interest in participating.

The group is directed by Jemma Allong-Redman, a long-standing local and internationally renowned drama arts director and parishioner at St Peter’s, Pointe-a-Pierre.

Vicar General and Cluster moderator, Fr Martin Sirju, has given his full support as he believes it offers “great potential to evangelise and bring people closer to God”. He said, “The Word of God has the power to change lives and can ultimately uplift our twin nation of T&T which seems to be spiralling downwards into a vortex of crime, selfishness and immorality.”

This ministry is founded on the tenets of Vatican II and the motivational call of Pope St John Paul II: “… Christian artists, I wish to remind each of you that the close alliance that has always existed between the Gospel and art means that you are invited to use your creative intuition to enter into the heart of the mystery of the Incarnate God and at the same time into the mystery of man.

In response to this call, the mission of this ministry is:

*    To allow members to use and develop their God-given talents to creatively serve God’s people in the Church;

*    To bring the Word of God alive through the highest quality of drama, music and the performing arts;

*    To deepen members’ faith and knowledge of the Word through the continuous creative improvement process;

*    To promote the oral tradition of the Scriptures through continuous application in drama & the performing arts;

*    To evangelise by creatively dramatising the Word to the congregation, and ultimately to the wider community;

*    To empower and engage members in deeper study/interpretation of the mysteries of the Scriptures;

*    To build a continuing creative Drama Ministry that will grow the faith and spiritual life of the community.

Rehearsals take place every Monday at the Christ the King RC, Blanche Fraser Street, San Fernando from 6–8 p.m. Their first dramatisation is entitled ‘Resurrection’ and will be presented for Easter.

For more information, visit www.olphrc.org under Parish Life or News & Tidbits or contact Jemma Allong-Redman at 483-5286 email: redmanjemma@yahoo.com. -Victor Young On, President, Christ the King Community Council