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March 2, 2018
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March 2, 2018

Giving hearts of positivity

Teja Loutoo of Providence Girls Catholic School was recently lauded by the Ministry of Education as exemplifying: “the kind of holistically educated student that is imbued with a sense of responsibility to assist their fellow students to improve their lives, which is a core curriculum policy of the Ministry of Education”.

Loutoo, 16, distributed bristol board hearts with messages of hope, love and inspiration to the students and staff of the school, when she detected the growing fear in the school body after the murder of a woman at MovieTowne, last year.  She believes that the messages will also help students in the personal trials they may have.

“I just wanted to have everybody just feel positive and to have light in their lives.  I’m just glad to see everybody’s face light when they read it and it’s nice to see that little ray of sunshine around the school,” said the Form Five student.

She is now considering a career as a human rights activist to change the culture of societal violence.

In response to her student’s action, Vice-Principal Krisal Gorin commented, “It was very heartwarming because you hear about a lot of negativity in schools, so think that at our school or at schools, you have students who would not just say ‘I’ll just be quiet but I would do something to show people that I could make a difference’, and that you could reach out to someone else and have a positive impact.” – Adapted from a Ministry of Education release