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March 2, 2018
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March 2, 2018

Align road safety with Education Ministry

The Prime Minister should shift the road safety portfolio from the Ministry of Transport to the Ministry of Education and organise a special unit staffed with road safety educators to teach proper road safety in schools.

The carnage on our public roads is out of control and the PM has a moral and social responsibility to educate our population to change its pattern of behaviour on our public roads to reduce the level of carnage.

What we have seen over the past ten years are things like road rage, drinking and driving, no respect for the cell phone law, ignoring of seat belts and worsening road courtesies among drivers.

The police cannot be at every corner to enforce the traffic law. There are not enough officers to run a functioning police station, far less to police traffic law-breakers. This is where road safety education comes in to deal with our traffic problems and carnage.

We have to start informing the schools and other youth organisations such as the Boys’ Scouts, Girl Guides, Cadets, Community Youth Groups and the Youth Training Centre (YTC).

All those groups can be trained under a Ministry of Education Road Safety Unit. The programme may not cost more than $55 million and if it does, the government will get value for money by reducing the health bill at all public hospitals.

Mr PM, what the country wants to see is a new generation of good road users. You always say you love children because you are father and grandfather. Please move to save our young population.

To learn more about road safety and defensive driving contact Stan Huggins: 296-3087 your Road Safety Consultant.