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February 10, 2018
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February 10, 2018

True permission to ‘wine’ after marriage

This month let us focus on Carnival and Valentine’s Day.

The debate on getting “permission to wine” this Carnival has intrigued our Billings teachers so much so that one of them, Patrice David of Princes Town, was inspired to write the following calypso titled ‘Permission to wine’

Young girls you are royalty,

Treat your bodies with dignity

We living in dire times,

The secular world playing with your mind.

The things they want you to know

Will not let your spirit grow

Don’t you step across the line

And give them boys permission to wine.

Chorus: Permission to wine could lead to sex,

Don’t take it out of context

If you not married and living fine

Then you ent have permission to wine

Young men learn to control yourself

Place your sex drive up on a shelf

Keep it for your future bride

You’ll be glad you kept it inside.

On the first night of your married life

You’ll be a gift to your lovely wife,

She will accept your gift this time

Giving you true permission to wine.

HPV is a rampant disease,

People getting it now with ease

Skin to skin contact from waist to thigh

The spreading rate is now really high.

At Carnival time half naked bodies

Gyrating together from waist to knees.

Avoid any future regret by design

You better not give permission to wine.

Permission to wine is for husband and wife

Who living a faithful life.

They can plan the size of their families,

Natural Family Planning does it with ease.

This method is really true love,

Sent to us from up above

So come and join the Billings lime

Before you give permission to wine.

Contraception is anti-woman,

It is not part of the Master’s plan

And abortion is just a crime

When you give permission before your time.

They can destroy a woman’s body

And interfere with her psyche, everything has its place and time,

Your spouse could get permission to wine.

Patrice David

In this calypso to “wine” does not mean to behave in a vulgar way once married. “Permission to wine” is permission to engage in sexual arousal which leads to sexual intercourse, which really belongs in a bedroom and not in public.

Remember the human body, including its fertility (baby-making potential), is to be treasured. We ought to treat our bodies and that of our neighbour’s with due respect. We are all precious Children of God.

Young people, do not tantalise each other. Live true freedom. True freedom leads to more freedom, not the slavery of vice. True freedom exists for the sake of goodness, not lewd behaviour.  Avoid repeatedly mashing “the brakes” with regards to sexual arousal (which belongs in marriage)…one day those brakes might give out!

Married couples, love each other to the point of deep respect for your spouse’s body. Real love shows respect for the beloved. Women have cycles, women are born that way!

Couples, come and learn the Billings Ovulation Method and understand couple fertility. Couples, have a lovely abstinent but romantic Valentine’s Day which is Ash Wednesday.

Lastly, don’t believe the Fifty Shades of Lies. There is nothing romantic about intimate partner abuse, sexual violence and stalking promoted in the Fifty Shades movies. Join the #FiftyShadesIsAbuse social media movement combatting the normalisation of sexual abuse, the myth that ‘no’ means ‘yes’ and sexual aggressors who exploit power imbalances over women.

From all of us at BOMA-TT we wish you a fun-filled Carnival full of laughter and joy.

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