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February 10, 2018
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February 10, 2018

Hard decisions soon on CREDI

Archbishop Jason Gordon says “hard decisions” have to be made regarding the Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI).

In an interview with the Catholic News on January 30, he said the Catholic Church needs an organisation which can provide “tertiary-level formation for teachers if we are going to make the Catholic school really a Catholic school we should have the capacity to do formation”.

He mentioned formation of parish staff as another role, to assist parishes in becoming “what they need to be”. Archbishop Gordon said the Transition Team and vicars think “there is a space for a tertiary organisation that does these things”.

The team will look at whether CREDI should be rebranded. He said the mission of CREDI as a tertiary institution will be defined and “what is required to fulfil that mission and then look again at CREDI and ask, does CREDI have what it takes to fulfil that mission or not? And how can we make it sustainable, which is the second piece. We have to have a model of sustainability.”

Last April, the CREDI board announced that after approval by the archbishop, registration for all undergraduate degrees, diplomas, certificate and workshop courses for 2017–2018 academic year was suspended. A Transition Team was formed to oversee the smooth transition of CREDI “to a path of long-term sustainability” and “better situate the institution at the service of the Church and society”.

The team is chaired by Msgr Christian Pereira, and comprises Dr Joycelyn Rampersad, Carolyn de la Rosa, Desiree Dorant, Patricia Narayansingh, Simone Aguilera-Hay, Melissa Charles, Nestor Lambert, Shirley Tappin and Leonard Birmingham.

Asked when enrolment will resume at CREDI, Archbishop Gordon replied, “what I do know in the next three months hard decisions have to be made one way or the other”.

Since being installed December 27, Archbishop Gordon said he has had long days, many activities, a lot to think about and new experiences. He said he is trying to listen deeply to Church. – LPG