6th Sunday of OT (B)
February 10, 2018
Putting ‘Mass’ in ‘mas’?
February 10, 2018


I bless God’s people and send them out to go in peace, to announce the Good News, to glorify the Lord by their lives. And I go, too, with the same commission.

In leave-taking I kiss the altar, this symbol of Christ, this altar at which we have commemorated the gift of Jesus and at which I have placed the offering of my life, this table from which we have received the food and drink of life.

I go with God’s people to live out what has been celebrated. I have given thanks in the celebration. Now I go to live a grateful life, to be thankful to God every day for “it is right and just, my duty and my salvation”.

I have remembered the self-gift of Jesus in his Death and Resurrection— “My Body given up for you …… My Blood poured out for you”. I go now to give my life as gift to others in all the daily demands of everyday life. I have celebrated the Lord who came not to be served but to serve; I go in peace to serve.

I have shared peace with my brothers and sisters; I have shared in the one bread, and the one cup with them; I have prayed that we may become “one body, one spirit in Christ”. I go now to put into practise what we have celebrated, to do all I can “to preserve the unity of the Spirit”, to have nothing to do with division.

And in these ways, I try to live through the week until next Sunday when I gather again with my brothers and sisters to worship, to thank, to offer, to be fed. And so I journey, getting it more and more right until the day comes when I get it perfectly and celebrate with the angels and saints at the Supper of the Lamb in the heavenly kingdom.

Msgr Michael de Verteuil is the chairman of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission, and moderator of the Sangre Grande/Coryal/Toco/Matelot cluster.