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February 3, 2018
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February 3, 2018

Make Church communications transformative

Archbishop Gordon prays with Vicar for Communications Fr Robert Christo and staff of CAMSEL during his visit.

Archbishop Jason Gordon visited the Catholic Centre, Independence Square last Tuesday stopping at the offices of Catholic Media Services Ltd (CAMSEL), publisher of the Catholic News, the Liturgical Commission and the Archdiocesan Catechetical Office.

CAMSEL’s General Manager Lucille Nathu welcomed Archbishop Gordon and showed him around CAMSEL’s departments. During a meeting with staff at the conference room, the archbishop welcomed questions and shared ideas about the role of CAMSEL as the communications arm of the archdiocese. He put out the challenge, “How do we sense the news and bring the truth to a wider public?”

Observing the synergies between print and digital media, he commented “without digital media, CAMSEL would not be fulfilling its mission in reaching out and touching many people in many sectors, in many platforms as necessary. And how does CAMSEL find the way to keep both, vital, fresh and alive because both are absolutely necessary”.

Archbishop Gordon stressed that the product put out for the public had to be something the company can be proud of and which benefits wider society. “We would have put something out there that stimulates transformation and brought a new way of thinking,” he said.

Referring to concepts of Pope Paul VI, and the integral development approach, Archbishop Gordon suggested Catholic media help people become the best version of themselves through incremental change, “wherever someone is, how can we propose to them the next step on their journey…that is really what our articles, our digital media, all of our production [are about]”.

He shared insight on the Integrated Pastoral Communications Plan (IPCP) which requires Church departments to work together and “communications is the hub around which all the other ministries are involved”.

He added that the hub consisted of communications, formation and events. Explaining further Archbishop Gordon said, “Ultimately every department in the Church only has three outputs: they want to communicate something; they want to do a formation session for somebody; or they want to host an event.” Persons from different ministries have been brought together for discussion on working collaboratively for the mission of the Church.

He commended CAMSEL’s “excellent” symposium The Pursuit of Truth in the Age of Fake News held last November calling it “timely”.

After leaving CAMSEL, Archbishop Gordon visited the Liturgical Commission where he met staff members Richardson Gonzales, Alisha Eugene-John and manager Barbara Lake. At the Catechetical office he was greeted by Director Sr Juliet Rajah and Secretary Marina Lee.