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January 27, 2018
Celebrating the life of a statesman
January 28, 2018

You did it!

It’s all God’s work! Santa Rosa Soup Kitchen (SRSK) says a heartfelt thanks to all its supporters. We could not have done it without your help, pledge, prayers and contributions. To our parish priest Fr Steve Duncan, thanks, thanks, thanks! Here are some photographs of three of our annual Christmas activities: the Christmas luncheon, the hamper distribution and the children’s party.

This year we were able to give out a total of 85 hampers, 50 baskets and 35 hamper boxes; gifts to over 200 children, and also to feed a multitude. Don’t ask me how! It was all God’s work! There was food for all; nothing ran out!

New members involved the pupils from Arima Boys’ RC, Arima Girls’ RC, the principal from Maracas Valley RC and some teachers.

We, the members of SRSK, look forward to greater support of this worthwhile cause in aid of the needy in our society, as we intend to invite members of the Cluster (Arima/Malabar), the Society of St Vincent de Paul and anyone else to come and be of service in the spirit of love to God’s people.

From Mary Marcano & Team (362-2325 or 667-3658)