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January 19, 2018
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January 19, 2018

US health missionaries visit communities

Family Missions Company (FMC), a non-profit Catholic missionary organisation from Louisiana, USA had the opportunity to serve in Trinidad, December 26, 2017–January 4, 2018.

In collaboration with the People of Praise Community of Arima they set up clinics in Toco from Cumana to Matelot, reached out to the residents of Mausica Lands in Arima, and to the Missionaries of Charity Sisters in Laventille. These clinics provided free health and dental care for the people in the different communities by means of a doctor, a dentist and other nurses in training.

There was also a house-to-house evangelisation team that took to the streets of each community, inviting locals to the clinic, praying with and transporting them back to the clinic if they were physically unable to do so.

Before seeing the doctor/dentist, each patient had the opportunity to be prayed with. In the words of one of the patients, “It was so touching to see how freely they gave of themselves, without complaint and with so much love they served.”

Missionary Mary Clare Dorsey said “It was a tremendous blessing to work with the members of the People of Praise Community, who so graciously gave of their lives to serve us in the humblest ways. From gathering our luggage, transporting our heavy clinic materials, and buying us a plethora of water, they served us selflessly and tirelessly…. It was such a witness to me, the way in which people in our clinics patiently and graciously waited upon us to hear about their needs. It was a tremendous honour to spend time in the beautiful country of Trinidad, and I can’t wait to lime with you again soon!” – People of Praise Community