Santa Rosa staffers retire well
January 5, 2018
Children’s Mass at OLPH
January 5, 2018

Three Santas at SVP Santa Rosa children’s party

Three Santas dance with a helper

The Santa Rosa RC soup kitchen, in conjunction with the Santa Rosa Conference, Society of St Vincent de Paul Arima, on December 28, celebrated the Feast of Holy Innocents, with a Children’s Christmas Party at the El Patio Hall, Santa Rosa RC Church, Arima.

At the event, there were, and quite surprising to the children who were present, three Santa Claus figures, who distributed toys to over 200 children of the community and also provided entertainment, by singing and dancing to the amazement of the joyful and enthusiastic children and families.

The Santa Rosa soup kitchen which has been in existence for the past 12 years, provides lunches on a fortnightly basis, for an average 250 needy persons from the community, while the Santa Rosa Conference provides charitable assistance extensively throughout the year, to persons in need. –Tyrone J Thomas, President, Santa Rosa Conference