Children’s Mass at OLPH
January 5, 2018
Hear Jesus’ voice, look upon His face
January 5, 2018

Replace fear with faith – deacon at Holy Innocents Mass

Children line up to kiss a figurine of the baby Jesus held by Deacon Toussaint. Photo: Lara Pickford-Gordon

Children attending the Feast of Holy Innocents Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception on December 28 were cautioned about the consequences of anger.

“In anger people do things they regret later on, say things they regret later on,” Deacon Lennox Toussaint told children. He explained King Herod’s anger and fear of a baby he thought was a competitor for his throne caused him to order all sons to be killed.

“He saw all as a threat; he did not know which [baby] was Jesus. He was angry and fearful; fear is man’s greatest enemy. We must replace fear with faith,” Deacon Toussaint said. The children Herod killed went straight to Heaven because they were martyrs for Jesus.

Deacon Toussaint said he hoped and prayed to see the children in church more often. Directing comments to the parents and guardians he said it is important for children to develop their spirituality.

“We live in trying times, a dog eat dog world. We need to teach our children about Jesus,” he appealed.  Before his talk Deacon Toussaint read a message from Cathedral Administrator Msgr Christian Pereira about the Nativity.

Children were invited to touch or kiss the figurine of the baby Jesus which was in the crèche. Fr Rodney Eugene was the main celebrant. – LPG