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December 7, 2017
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December 7, 2017

‘Grace’ the iguana causes mayhem

Whenever something out of the ordinary happens in school, its a good opportunity for some creative writing. Encouraged by their teacher, some pupils of Carapo RC Primary reporton the day an iguana paid an unexpected visit.

One Tuesday morning, while we were saying our prayers, Mr Iguana ran up the staircase and headed towards the classrooms. All the children started screaming at the top of their voices. Some children even ran out of the building because they were very scared.

I was outside, still in my line. I made my way upstairs not quite sure of what I could do. I don’t know who caught the iguana but when I reached my class I saw a student tying the iguana with a string so it would not get away. My teacher made some holes in a box and secured the iguana.

I was very confused. I wanted to know how the iguana got into the school building. The children behaved as if they never saw an iguana. I thought that my teacher was going to cook the poor animal. My friend and I were so happy when she said that she would let it go in the forest. – Angelina Latchman                        

On Tuesday, October 31, while I was praying, I heard loud screams coming from the classes in Standards 1, 2 and 3. I wondered what they were screaming about. Then I saw an iguana. It was green, had brown eyes and a long tail. I knew it was a male iguana.

Some children ran outside while others ran into my class. Jerrod, a boy in my class, caught the iguana but it scraped him and he dropped it. Khevan, another boy from my class, caught him by the tail.

Mr Chin Yan took the iguana and held it for Khevan to tie it with a piece of string. He tied it up and put it in a Crix box. My teacher said she would take it home and keep it as a pet.Shanaz Ali

One Tuesday morning the school bell rang and we began to pray. While praying an iguana ran up the Standard 1 staircase. This frightened some pupils and they ran out of the building. The children in the Standard 3 class thought it was a frog.

The iguana was very green and small. It ran into the Standard 4 classroom and hid in a corner. A student by the name of Jerrod tried to hold it but he got scraped on his foot. His friend Khevan caught the iguana by its neck and put it in a box.

The Standard 4 teacher took the iguana and said she would take it home and keep it as a pet. The iguana lived to see another day. He would never forget the day he went to school.Aaron T. Maharaj

One hot and sunny Tuesday afternoon, around lunchtime, while we were praying, I heard loud screaming coming from the Standard 1, 2 and 3 classes. I wondered what was happening in the school. Surprisingly, I saw a small green animal with a long tail. The first animal that came to my mind was an iguana.

Suddenly, the iguana ran into my classroom. When the girls saw it they started to run and scream. My friend Khevan ran towards the animal. He grabbed it and caught it. The teachers from all the classes ran up the steps to see the animal.

The iguana was tied up and put in a box. The whole school came into my classroom but my teacher told them to go back down the steps. She named the iguana “Grace.” She also told us that she would set the animal free. It was a wonderful experience.Alejandro Julien

One afternoon, during class time, the school bell rang for us to pray. After prayers all the children went outside to have lunch and play. While walking down the staircase I heard loud screaming coming from the upper building. I ran to see what they were screaming about. A small green iguana was running through the classes.

I quickly ran downstairs and called two of my friends. We tried and tried but it was very hard to catch the iguana. One of my friends said we were not giving up. We started running again hoping to catch it this time. Suddenly it ran over my feet and I caught it.

My teacher got some strings and a box. My friends and I tied up the iguana and put it in. We gave it to my teacher. We were happy that she wanted to take it home and care for it as a pet.Khevan Guevara

One Tuesday, at school, during midday prayers, I heard the children in the Standard Three class screaming. They were frantically running about. Miss told them to go outside. An iguana ran into our classroom. My friend and I tried to catch it but we couldn’t.

Khevan, a boy in my class, caught the iguana and showed it to us. The colour of the iguana was green and black and its eyes were brown. He gave the iguana to Mr Chin Yan. Sir tied it with a piece of string.

My teacher took a box and put the iguana in it. She then tied the box and pierced some holes in it so the iguana could breathe. Miss took the iguana home where she freed it in the bushes where she lives. – Noah James Mulraine

It was Tuesday at lunch time. We were about to go for our lunch when suddenly, an iguana appeared in the Standard 3 class. The teachers in the Standard 3 classes screamed aloud. They screamed so loud that the iguana got scared. It ran into my class.

The boys in my class tried to catch the iguana but they couldn’t. A brave boy named Khevan caught it very easily. Miss got a ribbon and a box. Khevan tied up the iguana and put it in the box. Miss named the iguana ‘Grace’. She took it home and set it free. – Alayna  LeeQuay