Rosary procession at St Bernadette’s Prep
October 28, 2017
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October 28, 2017

‘Living Rosary’ at Arima Boys’

Lewis House (red) forms a rosary. Photo: Christi Sampson, teacher

The pupils and staff of the Arima Boys’ RC Primary celebrated the centennial year of Mary’s appearance to the three children of Fatima in their own unique way. A special morning assembly was organised October 17 by the Religious Education committee of the school which highlighted the formation of the Living Rosary.

The statue of Mary is crowned.

The living rosaries were created by the pupils of the four different coloured houses named after former school principals. Each colour was used to represent the mysteries of the rosary.

The blue house (Assue) represented the Joyful Mystery and Mary as she covers us with her blue mantle. The Luminuous Mystery was interpreted as the Life of Christ seen in the Holy Eucharist and green (Brooks), which represents life in nature, was used to represent this mystery.

Red (Lewis) was the most obvious choice to represent the Sorrowful Mystery, and yellow (La Rose) was used for the Glorious Mystery which signifies the Resurrection of Christ who is the Light of the world.

The Religious Education period of the day was utilised for this celebration and pupils were encouraged to bring flowers to present to our Lady who was also crowned by one of the pupils. At the end of the programme pupils received gifts of rosaries.