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October 28, 2017
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October 28, 2017

Back to school with road safety

There were no financial provisions announced in the 2018 budget presentation for Road Safety education for schools and the general public in spite of the number of road deaths on our public roads. To date the number of deaths is 92 and we have not reached our drink and drive season – Christmas.

Many citizens who are in their 50s will recall when police officers would go to schools and teach the pupils proper road safety which proved to be very successful.

But all the basic road safety tips were abandoned with the expectation that driving schools would pick up road safety with their students. However, not all driving school instructors are certified. As a matter of fact, to open a driving school the qualification is simply to have your driver’s license for three years.

The Trinidad and Tobago Road Safety Council recommends that all driving school instructors should be certified to train a student to be a good driver. We must take driving seriously because 70 per cent of our accidents are caused by bad drivers.

Education is the key to road safety. In order to stop the carnage, we have to go back to the schools and educate our youth. This will help reduce the madness within the next five years. School-crossing guards should also be reintroduced.

No number of road safety public relation sound bites will save our citizens from the death traps we have created on our roads for Christmas and Carnival.

Too many families are suffering with huge medical and disability bills and other economic effects of road accidents e.g. funeral expenses, repairs to vehicles and increased insurance premiums.

To fix this epidemic, The Trinidad and Tobago Road Safety Council is appealing to all school boards and the Minister of Education Anthony Garcia especially, to take road safety under his Ministry and teach it under Social Studies. The road rage which is the new thing can be reduced with good manners.

To learn more about road safety and defensive driving contact Stan Huggins: 389-5880 your Road Safety Consultant.