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October 21, 2017
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October 21, 2017

Bethlehem girls benefit from ex-pupil’s visit

Nadia Ferguson (left) interacts with pupils after presenting the school supplies. Photo courtesy Bethlehem Girls’ RC

Bethlehem Girls’ RC Primary was recently the recipient of school supplies from an ex-pupil who now resides in New York. Nadia Ferguson visited the school on September 1 bearing with her 40 schoolbags, 17 blackboards, flashcards, a guillotine and sundry other school items.

The seventeen-year-old, who now attends St Mary’s High School in Queens, New York designed a website in July as part of a school project, which allowed users to purchase items from Amazon. These were shipped to her house in the US.

Ferguson’s motivation was her remembered interaction with the principal of Bethlehem RC, Anne Marie Pierre, while she was a pupil, and the love and dedication that she showed to her pupils some of whom came from underprivileged backgrounds.

Pierre said that the girls’ response to Ferguson probably exceeded Ferguson’s own expectations and she left the girls with the advice of always doing their best regardless of circumstances. She returned to New York with anklets, bracelets and headbands made by the pupils, and a tee-shirt with the school’s monogram.