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October 13, 2017
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October 13, 2017

Great response to hurricane appeal


Hundreds of pounds of relief supplies were collected at the ground floor of the Catholic Life Center in Brickdam and shipped last Tuesday (October 10) in response to the hurricane appeal by the Diocese of Georgetown for donations to Dominicans affected by Maria.

The Catholic Standard reported that local companies, groups, individuals and anonymous donors have been very generous in their response to the diocese’s petition in September for supplies of tarpaulins; packaged rice and flour; canned foodstuffs; baby formula; bleach, disinfectant and cleaning supplies; bath soap, deodorant, sanitary napkins, baby diapers and wipes, and other toiletries; bedroom and bathroom accessories such as bed sheets, pillow cases and towels; and monetary donations.

Co-ordinator of the relief effort, Rev Carl Philadelphia said the organisers were very pleased with the compassionate and generous contributions which express the faithful’s calling and commitment to love and care for others.

Rev Philadelphia said however that the needs in Dominica remain urgent for the short and long term. “The diocese continues to invite contributions in support of the ongoing efforts to alleviate suffering and difficulties brought on by the disaster,” he said