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September 22, 2017
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September 22, 2017

Decades-old convent to be rebuilt

The Pallotti Convent due for demolition. Source:


The demolition and reconstruction of a new Pallotti Convent will cost an estimated BZD$250,000 (US$125,000), according to Belizean radio station Love FM.

Established in 1955, the Pallotti Convent in Belize City has served generations of the Catholic order, which in addition to running Pallotti High School does missionary and charitable work in all the districts of Belize. It has survived countless natural disasters, but time has taken its toll as recent inspections found the three-storey concrete structure unsafe to live in for the mostly elderly members within its walls.

The Pallotine Order is asking the community, which it has served faithfully for a century, to give back as their cherished home is set to be demolished. The 11 Pallotine sisters are currently staying in the infirmary located adjacent to the old convent building.

The September issue of The Christian Herald reported that “the wheels of the process are already turning” and a store room has been constructed to reserve “what will be used in the future to rebuild a smaller house” for the sisters to live.

Love FM also reported that the sisters have managed to host various fundraisers via several avenues including a GoFundMe account, which was opened July 23, a building fund account and a Convent Rebuild Fundraiser telethon, August 26 which raised over BZD$184,000 (US$92,000).