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September 9, 2017
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September 9, 2017

Billings and the LGBT agenda

The Catholic Church has always been clear that sexual intercourse belongs in marriage between one man and one woman and has two ends: the unitive and procreative. “There is an inseparable connection willed by God and unable to be broken by man on his own initiative, between the unitive and procreative aspect of sexual union” (Humanae Vitae, 12).

With the introduction of the contraceptive pill this teaching was largely ignored since it was said that the pill would liberate women who would no longer have to deal with unwanted pregnancies. What it has done though is it has made the sex act only about pleasure resulting in a culture of promiscuity, adultery, divorce, abortion and a host of issues that breakdown the family and society.

Sex, this gift which God created in order to increase and bond husbands and wives who in turn would welcome children, the gift of their union, has lost its true meaning to generations of youth and even adults.

One of the tragic results of this breakdown is the push by the LGBT lobby to entice young people to believe that the gender they were born with is not fixed but fluid; that it is open to manipulation and even change. Today, many young people claim to suffer with gender dysphoria (the distress a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth not matching the person’s gender identity). They are then urged to change their gender by using powerful drugs and even surgery.

The suicide rate for young people who embark on this path is 50 per cent according to one study (https://www.churchmilitant.com/news/article/psa-projects-need-traction-to-counter-gay-lobbys-lies). Moreover in some US states, reparative therapy has been banned for those who seek counselling to address their Gender Identity Disorder (GID).

Today if a young person expresses a preference for being heterosexual they may be accused of bigotry, hate speech or much worse. And while the gay agenda seems free to say whatever it pleases, the rest of the world is obliged to say nothing for fear of offending those who profess same-sex, multi-sex or trans-sexual attractions – and there is now any number of other permutations.

As adults who have a great respect for God’s Order and the natural law, we cannot afford to sit quietly by while our young people are being sold this destructive culture.

The Billings Ovulation Method embraces the truth of sexuality, the fact that every life is precious since it was created and loved by God who made us in His own image and likeness. We promote health, wholeness, the beauty of God’s gift of fertility and the wonder of being created male or female.

We promote respect for self and for others; a refusal to see or use others as objects for pleasure; a conviction that we have been created for love, the kind that God promotes and which will lead us to heaven.

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