Pastoral Ministry programme at CBI
August 30, 2017
Never too late…
August 30, 2017

CREDI music programmes begin

The Catholic Religious Education Development Institute (CREDI) is inviting teachers, members of parish choirs and other music ministry groups to participate in several life-changing programmes both for personal enrichment and skill enhancement. These music programmes are designed to welcome persons at various levels of competency and to attract persons from various markets.

The annual School of Liturgy has provided many persons with a taste of the musical possibilities for our parish liturgies. However as an Archdiocese, it is time for us to take our training in music and the liturgy further.

The Diploma in Caribbean Liturgical Music Studies is a two-year GATE approved programme developed specifically to assist each student in developing a greater appreciation for the art of music ministry. The goal is to improve the standard of music in the Church by training persons in the elements of music, the liturgy and choir administration.

Candidates will learn to compose, arrange and conduct music while grounding the music in a liturgical setting. The programme provides training in voice, steelpan, guitar and piano and offers such courses as Music Theory and Practical, Fundamentals of Christian Worship, Choral Techniques and the Use of Software in Music. We encourage choirs, ministry groups and parish communities to offer bursaries or scholarships to assist interested members of their communities to offset non-tuition expenses.

A second music programme targets our nation’s teachers.  Music teachers have a unique opportunity to engage children in creative ways and opportunities exist for those trained in music education to serve in our schools and in after-school programmes.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education is a comprehensive four-year, GATE-approved programme designed to train and empower music teachers. This creative programme is a mix of theoretical and practical learning in that students have opportunities for one-on-one training in their instrument of choice, regular classroom lectures and real-life, practical classroom experience under the supervision of experienced music teachers.  Courses include the Classroom Management, Aural Training, Music Therapy, Ethnomusicology and Music Pedagogy.

For persons who are interested in music but do not have the required qualifications, CREDI also offers a one year Pre-Music course designed as a bridging programme.  Successful candidates can qualify to move on to CREDI’s other programmes.

Contact us at 389-9745 for further details or email us at  Spaces are available for the 2017 to 2018 academic year.  –CREDI