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August 16, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Clogged pipes and flooding at Rosary

Clogged downpipes at the Holy Rosary RC Church have to be cleared to prevent further flooding of the church when there is rainfall.

Parish priest Fr Ronald Mendes CSSp, said in an interview that checks found the downpipes were clogged, and the parish has to get a contractor to clear them.

“The downpipes are in pillars that are in the walls. How do bottles and so get down there?” he asked. He added that plastic bottles were seen and it would be difficult for anyone to “throw plastic bottles that high”. There are also holes and spaces in the roof membrane which must be addressed.

Rosary has been plagued by flooding caused by overhead leaks.  Receptacles have been placed at different areas to collect water but these do not prevent water pooling on days of heavy rainfall. Clean-ups must be done using mops and a vacuum. – LPG