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July 21, 2017
‘Let go and let God’
July 21, 2017

Sharing God’s Word…digitally

Dominican Sisters Susan Gopaul (centre) and Catherine Therese Mc Comie look at the display of the Catholic News 125- year archive. At left is Sr Catherine’s brother, Dennis. Photos: Elmo Griffith

The Catholic News has responded to the demands of the “digital explosion” in its vision to evangelise, educate and share the Gospel, so said CAMSEL’s Digital Media Manager Tracy Lewis, one of the speakers at the launch of the Catholic News’ archive and website last Monday.

Lewis described as a “milestone moment” the digital availability of the 125-year-old archive to a global audience. Before the printing press, early Biblical manuscripts were on papyrus, via handwritten print. Communities, not yet literate gathered to listen to oral teachings of scripture.

“Today we have a plethora of personal and public media to share the Good News in new ways,” she said. Touching on the transition from “papyrus paper, to radio and television and now the internet” she commented that the “infinite connectivity of the web allows on-demand, around-the-clock access to content anywhere, anytime, on any digital device”.

Lewis said the digital archive is a rich historical repository and invaluable resource, “a catalogue of spiritual, cultural, societal and political preference and will serve as a window to the past and present for generations to come”.

Observing the Catholic Church has always been quick to adopt new technology, she referred to Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis as championing the exploration of the new “digital continent”. Lewis said CAMSEL and the digital team took pride in utilising and embracing new powerful digital technologies to fulfil and advance its mission.

“We also take our responsibility in leading the Antilles Episcopal Conference across the online mission field seriously as we seek to engender community, connection and conversation as we share God’s Word,” she said of CAMSEL’s communications role in the region.