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From the Editor

May 10, 2017
Catholic News – choosing the best ‘wheat’
May 10, 2017
In honour of the ‘Holy Shepherdess’
May 10, 2017

On Saturday, we at CAMSEL marked a significant milestone, the 125th anniversary of the Catholic News.

As a reporter covering different anniversary celebrations, both Archbishops Joseph Harris and Edward Gilbert often remarked that anniversaries were occasions to not only celebrate but to reflect and look ahead.

Elements of this celebratory issue offer a chance for us to do both, and throughout the month of May, we will continue celebrating this milestone with articles and photographs.

Since the 19th century, the Catholic News has been bringing local, regional and international Church-related news, and provided a platform to share a range of interesting stories on people, communities, issues and events.

We have adapted to the changes and evolution of the universal Church and consequently Church in Trinidad and Tobago.

The paper has brought opinions to the fore and not shied away from tackling the contentious issues affecting our society or drawing attention to social justice concerns. This is a role we will continue to fulfil especially in challenging times, for at the heart of all our work is spreading the Good News.

Five years ago, for our 120th anniversary, we produced a supplement in which I wrote that “I see my work as a duty, a challenge, and my way of giving back to God what he has given me”. These sentiments haven’t changed, except that the challenge has grown – I’m now the Editor.

As I follow in the long line of editors over the past 125 years, all I can ask you, dear reader, is to pray and support us as we strive to fulfil our motto. – Raymond Syms, Editor (2016– …)