Fight criminality, corruption at all levels

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December 18, 2014
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Fight criminality, corruption at all levels

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– Archbishop on Seetahal killing

Following is the full statement issued last Monday on the tragic death of Dana Seetahal, Senior Counsel.

The Roman Catholic Church in Trinidad and Tobago shares the shock and anger of the national community at the assassination of Senior Counsel, Dana Seetahal. While we must wait for the officers of the law to determine the true motive for her killing,it is clear that we have crossed another threshold of crime when a criminal lawyer of her stature, both as prosecutor and defense attorney, is murdered.

Even as we extend our deep condolences to the family and colleagues of Ms Seetahal, we call upon the whole legal profession to rededicate itself, in the blood of this valiant woman, to the rule of law and to justice for all as we continue to fight criminality and corruption at all levels, high and low. Indeed, all our citizens must see this as a moment for recommitment to the service of our beloved country.

Our law enforcement agencies must not rest until the real perpetrators of this crime are brought to justice, both those who committed the act and the originators of the deed. We cannot forget the many seemingly less renowned persons who have been murdered over the years. Yet we dare to hope that the solution of this particular crime at its origin may mark a real turning point in the battle against crime and in the genuine promotion of justice and peace at all levels of our society. The terror which our poorer communities have faced for several years now faces our judicial officers. This cannot bode well for justice in our society.
Let us not be numbed into deeper complacency as we battle against crime. May Dana Seetahal rest in peace. God help our nation.

+Joseph E. Harris

Archbishop of Port of Spain

May 5th 2014

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